Connecting Electra One to your rig

Basic setup

When we were designing Electra One, our goal was to make it as practical as possible. One of the key elements of that was the connectivity of the box. Obviously we fitted there two standard MIDI IN/OUT connectors. We did not stop there, however, USB device and USB Host ports were added to extend the possibilities.


Two standard MIDI IN/OUT ports provide connectivity for synthesizers, sound modules, and studio gear with MIDI DIN5 connectors. Each port offers 16 MIDI channels, giving you a chance to connect up to 32 synths, samples, or DSPs.

Daisy-chained setup to multiply knobs and controls

Connecting multiple Electras to a chain with USB cables multiplies the number of knobs and parameters you can control. For example, a daisy-chain of three Electras provides simultaneous view of 108 sound parameters and 756 parameters spread across 6 pages.


  • Capacitive touch 7" LCD with 1024x600 resolution
  • 12 high-resolution (256 values per revolution) aluminium touch sensitive knobs
  • 2 standard MIDI IN/OUT ports
  • USB MIDI class compliant device with two individual MIDI ports (virtual cables)
  • USB Host interface for MIDI class compliant devices , up to 2 devices can be connected
  • Web-based platform for creating, editing, and sharing presets
  • Support of Control change, Program Change, Start, Stop, NRPN MIDI messages
  • Support of proprietary SysEx MIDI messages (currently Rhodes Chroma, Yamaha DX7, Roland TB3 are supported)
  • Sturdy aluminium enclosure
  • Dimensions 206 x 190 x 38

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