About us

We are two guys from the heart of Europe - Czech Republic. We share a passion for high-quality products, both hardware and software. We worked a substantial part of our lives in the software industry and we learned our lessons. Electra One is the first product we created together, that combines hardware, software, a love for music, and a pragmatic approach to engineering.

Martin Pavlas

I have always been obsessed with everything that makes or rather creates sounds. This passion caused hundreds of synthesizers, samplers, and DSPs, to pass through my hands. Electra One is a MIDI controller that I always dreamt about and missed on the market. Now, after many years seeking the right way the dream becomes reality.

Tomas Hellebrand

I have a thing for ergonomy and great user experience. Synthesizers and electronic music were completely unknown to me before joining Martin. And that was a great advantage because it allowed me to tackle the problems in different ways and challenge the design of standard MIDI controllers.

We are looking forward to the moment when you have Electra One connected to your rig and share your experience with us.