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See and change 432 MIDI controls across multiple synthesizers

Modify sound parameters by turning 12 high resolution 360-degree pots or with a touch of your fingertips on the display and get instant visual feedback. Access to 12 pages of parameters gives you an instant control over 432 MIDI parameters.

Electra One not only sends MIDI messages to connected instruments, it also continuously reads their patch settings to give you clear insight into the sound structure and endless possibilities to tweak it.

Sound programming

Do you own classic synths that are hard to program? Electra One gives you a great level of control over the sound parameters of your synthesizers and sound modules. The Electra One controller continuously reads your synthesizers parameter settings to reveal the entire patch structure. This brings you a whole new dimension of creativity.

Live performances

Tweaking filter cutoff frequency on many synths with one controller has never been easier. Electra One allows you to create performance presets to control many distinct sound parameters across multiple synthesizers from one place. High resolution 360-degree pots adjust parameter values without any abrupt changes.

All connectivity you need

Electra One is MIDI controller with all connectivity you need. USB device with 2 ports, USB Host port for connecting 2 MIDI USB devices, and 2 standard MIDI IN/OUT ports.

High quality knobs

Touch screens are great, but tweaking sound with quality knobs is a completely different experience. We do not rely on rotary encoders or standard potentiometers. Our 360-degree pots provide outstanding precision.

We even made knobs touch sensitive. Even a light touch gives you visual feedback on the display about what MIDI parameter will be modified when the knob is turned. You will never make a wrong move with our MIDI controller.

Customize Electra One to your needs

Get presets from the community, edit them, create your own, and share them.

Simply select parameters of your synths and drag and drop them into place. Organizing to groups and pages could not be easier.

All your data is stored in Electra One. When you are done, you may disconnect Electra One from the computer and enjoy the computer free workflow.

Electra community

Electra One is not just a hardware device. By getting Electra one midi controller you will become a part of the community of gear enthusiast who are building a library of presets for their instruments.

As a member of Electra One community you can use tools to create presets, share them with others, have an access to the Preset library, and discuss your work and ideas with others on the online forum.

See the preset library or visit our online forum.

Technical specification

  • Capacitive touch 7" LCD with 1024x600 resolution
  • 12 high-resolution (256 values per revolution) aluminium touch sensitive knobs
  • 2 standard MIDI IN/OUT ports
  • USB MIDI class compliant device with two individual MIDI ports (virtual cables)
  • USB Host interface for MIDI class compliant devices, up to 2 devices can be connected
  • Sturdy aluminium enclosure
  • Dark grey anodized finish
  • Dimensions 206 x 189 x 38 mm / 8.1 x 7.5 x 1.5 in